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Upward Bound

Upward Bound


About Us

Upward Bound is a Federal TRiO Program funded by the U.S. 教育部通过竞争性拨款. Currently, CR is one of only 964 Upward Bound projects in the US. The goal of Upward Bound is to increase the rate at which participants complete high school and enroll in and graduate from college.

Upward Bound provides:

  • 帮助学生准备大学入学. 
  • Opportunities to succeed in precollege performance and ultimately in higher education pursuits.

are you upward bound?

To be eligible, you must be:

  • Enrolled in 8th -12th grades;
  • 就读或即将就读我们所服务的高中.
  • 愿意尝试严格的高中课程.
  • 对大学或职业技术教育感兴趣.
  • 收入合格**及/或第一代***.

Fill out our online application 我们的学术顾问会安排面试.



  • Earn school credit and live like a college student for 5-6 weeks during our summer camp.
  • 去参观大学,参加领导会议,接受指导...
  • 寻求大学/职业规划方面的帮助.
  • Get help with paying for college. 此外,有资格获得戴尔学者奖学金.
  • Get FREE tutoring at your school.
  • Receive stipends for your full-time participation in Redwoods Upward Bound during the school year and summer.

*上进学员及其家人无需支付任何费用. 所有费用都由美国政府拨款支付.S. Department of Education.

** Federal TRiO guidelines used to determine income eligibility are relatively generous and are based on "Taxable income" and not gross income.

***Neither parent has earned a Bachelors Degree at the time of admission to Upward Bound.


Apply for UB! 

  • 请在你的学校现场与向上跳跃的指导人员预约. 你的辅导员可以帮助你做到这一点.
  • Complete and submit the application form.
  • 请老师或辅导员填写 a recommendation form for you.
  • 在你完成我们的申请后, 向上发展顾问会在你的学校联系你面试.


Academic Year:
  • During the academic year, 向上绑定为参与者提供辅导服务, academic and career advising, 在选择大学和准备经济援助表格方面提供帮助. 这些服务是在他们的高中提供的. 
  • 向上跳跃也全年组织实地考察和文化活动. 
  • Many participants take advantage of the opportunity to take college classes while in high school. Upward Bound can assist in the concurrent enrollment and registration process but unfortunately is unable to assist with the cost of books.
Summer Program:
  • During the summer, Upward Bound participants may attend our free three-part academic and residential programs. 
  • First is our College Blitz night which is an orientation for all new students to learn about college and careers. During this orientation, Upward Bound staff come to your local College of the Redwoods campus to deliver fun and informative workshops geared toward launching you on the path to college readiness. 
  • Next is the four day college tour which every student is eligible to participate in at least once by the end of high school. On this trip students will have the opportunity to visit multiple types of college campuses around different area's of California and attend some fun cultural activities. 这次旅行是为11年级的学生准备的, 如果有多余的名额,我们会给10年级的学生提供一些名额.  
  • Last is the 5-week academic residential program which is open to all participants in Upward Bound. 这是在加州尤里卡的推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜进行的. 

By "academic," we mean that participants take classes that are either college classes or classes that are organized by Upward Bound. Students may choose from a variety of diverse and enriching classes designed to enhance skills necessary to succeed in high school and transition to college. We offer classes in Composition, Literature, Math, Lab Science, Foreign Languages, Computers, and other subjects. 我们的课程帮助参与者在他们的高中获得选修学分. 他们也可以在有时间的时候报名参加推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜的课程.

By "residential" we mean that participants live on campus in the dorms for a true college-simulated experience.

We also offer a Summer Bridge Program for recent high school graduates to help them bridge to college life. These participants take a college class and are employed in a work-study position on campus. 他们也可以住在宿舍,并参加住宿顾问实习. 

参与者在暑假期间学到了很多关于大学的知识. 他们也会与正在上大学的导师一起工作. 我们的许多导师在高中时都是上进计划的参与者.

This year we have an exciting new component that will allow students who are unable to attend the summer program to take an online class and still be able to earn some high school elective credits. 我们将尽快发布更多消息, 但是如果你有任何直接的问题,你可以推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜的办公室. 

Job Opportunities

(5-10 hrs/week) $16 per hour

Upward Bound provides services year-round with the school year focus on tutoring and advising. 我们正在寻找有能力用英语做家教的导师, math (all levels), sciences, and foreign languages. 理想的导师可以在午餐时间与学生在学校见面, study hall, or after school. 他们还必须能够承诺在整个学年(9月至6月)工作。. 我们的导师可以免费获得辅导培训和认证.

To apply, 请下载以下文件并递交申请, and a cover letter to our office.

Tutor Job Description

Tutor Application (required)



Dear Prospective Instructor:

我们期待着今年的上进暑期住宿项目! Much of our success can be attributed to the enthusiasm and expertise of our teaching staff each summer. Teaching for Upward Bound is a great opportunity to work with dynamic youth who aspire to go to college but who need extra support to get there. You will help us provide underrepresented high school students with the opportunity to learn in a challenging but supportive environment. 我们邀请您通过提交申请成为今年计划的一部分, a cover letter, and a course proposal.  教师的工资是每小时25美元.. 有青少年教学和工作经验者优先.

We are seeking course proposals that offer project-based or hands-on learning opportunities and preferably courses that teach more than one subject-matter. For example, 一门课可能有一个戏剧艺术主题,要求学生写作, analyze literature, study history, and perform a monologue. 另一个可能是环境科学主题,包括实验室项目, the scientific method, critical thinking, and expository writing. 有关基于项目的学习的更多信息,请参见

Please be aware that temporary staff at College of the Redwoods are only paid once a month on the 10th of each month so you will not receive your first paycheck until July 10th and then again on August 10th. 

课程为期19天,日期待定. 你可以提出一个以上的课程. Teachers with strong course proposals and desired qualifications may be invited to teach more than one class.




Feel free to give us a call at (707) 476-4278 or (707) 476-4303 if you have any questions.


1) Fill out application. (PDF Here)

2)创建课程建议使用我们的 template. 你可以提交一份以上的提案供审议. You will need to upload your course proposal to your CR Online Application before you submit your application.

3) Cover letter: 

将完整的申请发送至 申请的第一次审查:2024年2月1日.


Our summer program residential staff are inspiring and influential mentors who help our participants realize their college dreams. Residential staff provide fun, safe, and rewarding experiences to participants who are living away from home for 5 weeks during the summer. All residential staff are expected to reside in the residence halls while the program is in session. In addition to hourly pay, 住宿工作人员免费获得食宿. 住宿员工也接受带薪培训. 所有职位都要求完成至少一年的大学学习. Ideal applicants will be recent college graduates OR were enrolled in college or graduate school during the 2023-24 academic year. Staff must also have certification in CPR and First Aid which is not provided as part of the Upward Bound training.

Please be aware that temporary staff at College of the Redwoods are only paid once a month on the 10th of each month so you will not receive your first paycheck until July 10th and then again on August 10th. 

我们鼓励你申请多个职位. 如有任何问题,请推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜的办公室. 我们办公室的电话是:707-476-4278.

We are seeking mentors for the following positions: (All pay rates are up to date as of 1/13/2024)

住宿协调员* (RC) $18/小时,(1个职位,每周约40小时): 申请的第一次审查:2024年3月1日.   Employment dates TBD.

住宿顾问(RA), 16美元/小时(全天多个位置) & 夜班(每周约30小时): 申请的第一次审查:2024年3月1日.  Employment dates TBD.

面包车司机和救生员(工作时间和工资不同): Please contact our office for information on these positions and for application instructions. Call 707-476-4278.




2) A cover letter (Cover Letter Instructions).

3)  Residential Staff Application (requires Adobe Reader).


*Priority is given to applicants who have been participants in outreach programs for disadvantaged youth or who have faced and overcome similar barriers as our participants.

Contact Us

Contact Information

 1-800-641-0400 ext. 4303

Hours: Monday- Friday 8:30-5pm

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